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Hello, and welcome to Forest Park.  We are a community located in the city of Farmington Hills, Michigan. We are made up of 334 homes, our sub is also called "Villa Capri" but only on real estate listings or platt maps.  Our neighborhood was built in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  Our community is a thriving one.  If you are one of our neighbors, welcome, and thanks for visiting the site.  

We sometimes abbreviate on this site, so Forest Park Home Owners Association will be also written as "FPHOA".

Our mailing address is:

We are always looking to improve this site so please tell us what you like about the site and any other ideas you may have that are missing.   You can reach us online...

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Forest Park governing documents

Forest Park Home Owners Association and the pool and commons area properties were created and are formed under the following governing documents

Download the Forest Park Declaration of Building and Use Restrictions (PDF) Forest Park Declaration of Building and Use Restrictions

Download the FPHOA Conveyance (PDF) Forest Park HOA Conveyance

Download the Forest Park HOA Articles of Incorporation (PDF) Forest Park HOA Articles of Incorporation

Download the Forest Park HOA By-Laws (PDF) Forest Park HOA By-Laws

Download the Forest Park HOA Assessment Form Forest Park HOA Annual Assessment Form

Forest Park is run by volunteers - we need YOUR help too!

Simply click the button below, you do not need to register, just enter an email address. Throughout the year we have various openings for volunteer needs. Our newsletter also needs delivery people. It's easy to sign up using the big button below - please help! Your 100% volunteer HOA board organizes the events and does much of the work planning and preparing these events for you. We can't make all this a reality without your help.

Note that ALL our volunteer sign-up needs can be found by clicking the button below... THANK YOU for volunteering!

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Your HOA Board

These neighbors are volunteering to help make our neighborhood a great place to live! These are the board members in 2018:

The Forest Park web site administrator and FPHOA facebook group is maintained by John Wills.

Forest Park News

Yard Waste and Collection - posted October 27, 2014

All yard waste placed at the curbside in acceptable containers will be collected for composting by the yard waste truck on the regular garbage day. Each year, yard waste pickup service will be provided from early spring to late fall.

Acceptable yard waste includes leaves, grass, shrub clippings, twigs, and plant materials. There are three options available for yard waste disposal:

Small limbs (six inches in diameter or less) and brush must be tied in bundles that do not exceed four feet in length or weigh more than 60 pounds per bundle. Unbundled brush and large limbs will not be picked up. Also, any brush or twigs placed in cans or bags should not stick out above the top of the container and large quantities of dirt or sod are not accepted for pickup.

Forest Park on Facebook - originally posted January 3, 2009

Forest Park has a group on Facebook! This is another great way to keep in touch with your neighbors. In 2016 we have over 180 members in the group! After joining Facebook you can find our group here Forest Park HOA group

Take care of your annual assessment online this year! It's fast, easy and secure through PayPal. Just visit our payment page here. The fee is still only $50 for general assessments and $25 per senior household.

For your convenience, you can also purchase the most common types of swim club pool passes online on our pool page.

Cool off at the Forest Park Swim Club

Welcome to Forest Park!


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radio Ch 1, sub channel 0.

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